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The Best Investment you can ever make is in your own Health!

Therapeutic Massage w/ Gina Kurtz and Custom Bodywork w/ Dawn Tule

1/2 Hr.      $45

1 Hr.         $70

1 1/2 Hr.   $100  

Also offering Chair Massage!


 Hot Stone Therapy (approx. 1 1/2 Hrs.)  $100


Facial Reflexology---------1 Hr...........$65  


Foot Reflexology~Appointment Only with Beth Baublitz owner of EMB Reflexology will be offering 1 Hr. Foot Reflexology appts. for $65. Please contact Dawn to save your spot! 717-486-7823,

**Foot Reflexology is offered on the 2nd Saturday and last Friday of every month. Discount of $5/session if you book twice in 1 month!**


Japanese Cosmo FaceLift------  The Natural Facelift! These treatments are like hiring a personal exercise trainer to lift and tighten your facial muscles. Enjoy the Balancing and Detoxifying benefits of Face Reflexology! A series of 12 sessions is recommended for optimal results with follow up maintenance treatments as well as self-treatments. Purchase of a full series includes a Free 1 Hr. Face Reflexology treatment and all the handouts  and instructions you need for a full self-treatment maintenance program!

Special occasion Mini-Lift: $240 for a package of 3.(Only $80 per session).  The 3 sessions must be used within 10 days. This is so you will receive the full lifting benefits and results from this work. Remember: this is like an exercise program for your face! This package is great to use right before a special occasion or event!

Full Facelift Series: $840 for the full series of 12 sessions. (This makes each session only $70~A Great deal compared to the expense and complications of surgery!) The 12 sessions must be used within 5 weeks. This is so you will receive the full lifting benefits and results from this work. Remember: this is like an exercise program for your face! The Full Facelift series comes with a Free Face Reflexology Treatment as well as all the handouts and instruction you need for a self-treatment maintenance program!

Single Maintenance session: $90

*Unused portions of packages are non-refundable.*


Advanced Energy Healing   30 min.---$45   1 Hr.---$70


Raindrop Therapy-----------$60


Private In Person Psychic Readings for 1 or 2 people with Hope Taylor, Psychic Medium

-----50 min. 1 person reading $185, or 50 min. 2 person reading $225  

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"Animals and Nature are always willing to share their gifts of Healing and understanding with us when we learn to listen deeply with an open heart."

Canine Massage and Reiki (in office)---$45

Distance Energy Healing---$30/3 sessions.

*Benefits of Massage and Energy Healing include:

-Eases Anxiety

-Helps with pain relief

-Helps to increase joint mobility

-Assists healing from injuries

-Assists life changes (moving, new household members, transitioning into spirit)

Treatment may include essential oils.


Animal Communication

Deepen the understanding between you and your animal companion.  Gain insight and a direct connection to what your animal is thinking and feeling.  A consultation with your animal can also aid in understanding behavior issues.

Consultations are $30 per 15 min. Please note that an average session for a New client is 30-60 minutes.  This includes one Free check-in session with your first appointment. The check in session is done remotely within 24hrs. of your request, and I let you know what I receive from your animal friend via email or text.


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