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Q & A about Animal Communication

Thank you for your interest in Animal Communication! A lifelong Love of animals led me to my journey as a Professional Animal Communication Counselor, which began in 2010 through the Animal Spirit Network. I am fortunate to have met and trained with amazing teachers, including Kristin Thompson, owner of Heart2Heart with Animals, Penelope Smith, Pioneer of animal communication and author, Animal Reiki Alliance, Brandenburg Horse and Dog Massage Therapy, Angel's Animals Holistic Studies, Joan Ranquet owner of CWALU, and The Masterson Method for Horses.

My passion for learning combined with my passion for animals and their welfare drives me to continue my studies in many modalities including EFT, Scalar Wave, and cold laser therapy. In addition to animal services and teaching animal communication workshops, I offer services as a Facial Reflex Therapist, Intuitive Reiki Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Yoga Instructor.

I am Grateful to be able to offer compassionate, therapeutic services for both humans and animals!

What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication uses what is called the 'universal language' of telepathic communication to explore your animal's perspective.  We all use telepathic communication to some degree.  It is a very full and in-depth heart to heart conversation. This is not mind-reading~just another way of communicating!

What can Animal Communication do?

An animal communication session can help to deepen the understanding between you and your animal companion.  You will gain insight into their behavior, and have a direct connection to what your animal friend is thinking and feeling. Some changes in behavior or your relationship may happen immediately, and many times there needs to be continued effort on the part of the human and animal to create effective change in behavior patterns. Animal communication can help clarify what needs to shift and how to make that happen within the partnership between you and your animals.

What happens during a session?

My animal communication sessions are usually done over the phone using a picture of the animal.  The animal does not have to be present, and I suggest a quiet location where you will not be disturbed.  We will go over the topics or concerns you have, and I will connect telepathically with your animal friend, relay the information to you as I receive it, and the conversation flows from there.

Sessions with your animals are full of information, and I suggest that you take notes to remember all the details and topics that come up. If you would like to receive a recording of your call, please let me know at the time of scheduling the appointment, so I can make arrangements to do so. There is a $10 fee for recording the session. Transcripts are also available at an additional cost. Transcripts are done by Joan Fry (, and are charged per audio minute. (Ex. 30 min. recording=$45).

How do I make an appointment?

You can call, text, or e-mail me to set up a date and time for the appointment.  You will send a picture of your animal friend(s) and the completed intake form.  At the scheduled appointment time I'll call you. If you request a recording, you will call into a Zoom meeting (audio only).

How long does an appointment take and how much does it cost?

Consultations are $150 for a 1 hr. session. Sessions are billed based on the amount of time used in the session. (Ex. 30 min=$75, 45min.=$112.50, etc)  Please note that a 1st time session is average 30min-60min. We can connect with as many animals as you like in each session.**Arrangements need to be made for recordings and transcripts at the time of scheduling.* Payments are not made until after the appointment.

Lost Animals Policy: Animals get lost or are separated from home for many different reasons. In my experience, some are not able to find home, or are physically stuck in a location, some are able to come home, but choose to stay away, and some have passed into Spirit. I will do a one-time session with the animal, gathering all the info that they can share with me about their whereabouts, physical condition, and how they're feeling, with the intention of helping the animal be reunited, or bring closure and for both the animal and the people who Love them. Fee: $50.

How do I pay for the session?

After the session is complete, you can pay by invoice/credit card, Venmo, or check.  Transcript fees will be paid directly to Joan Fry.         

 Please send a check to:  Dawn Tule, 15 N. Baltimore Ave. #2, Mount Holly Springs, PA 17065

Thank You!  I look forward to working with you!  :)

"Animals and Nature are always willing to share their gifts of Healing and understanding with us when we learn to listen deeply with an open heart."



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